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PENTAIR - nVent 회사명 변경에 대한 공지
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PENTAIR (SCHROFF, Birtcher, Calmark)사의 회사명은 2018년 5월 1일자로 'nVent'로 변경 됩니다.

기존의 업무는 큰 변동사항은 없이 회사명만 바뀌는 것으로 이해부탁드리며 각종 공문 및 품질보증서(COC)등은

'PENTAIR'가 아닌 'nVent'의 이름으로 작성됨을 알려드립니다.


기타 궁금하신 사항은 언제든지 아래 연락처로 문의 부탁드립니다.



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Schroff and Hoffman Countdown to nVent



To: All Schroff and Hoffman Distributor and Sales Reps

As most of you already know, Hoffman and Schroff brands will become part of nVent on April 30, 2018. We will have the important mission of driving customer awareness about the value that this standalone electrical company brings, and the value that the Hoffman and Schroff brands offer our customers as part of this enterprise.

nVent VideoIn my travels around the globe over the course of the past six months, several of you have asked, “Why spin off from Pentair and Why nVent?”

Being a separate company means we will be highly focused on helping customers connect and protect their electrical systems in facilities where the cost of failure is high and electrical performance is crucial. For more than a century, our inventive products have provided solutions to customers. We invent. We innovate. It’s our legacy. Hence the name, nVent.

This is an exciting change for both the organization, and our customers. It is important that we proactively communicate with our customers, and we will need our reps and channel partners to help us with this endeavor. In an effort to help you prepare, below is an overview and timeline of what you can expect in the coming weeks.

View the full communications plan for channel, reps and customers. Communications in multiple languages will be distributed on or prior to May 1st. Contact your local area sales manager with questions.

Also, please see the items below that include a brochure on our new company, as well as the new brand logos for Schroff and Hoffman. Welcome to the future of connection and protection.





Joe Ruzynski
President, Pentair Electrical, Enclosures Business Unit 


View nVent Brochure


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